End of Year Fundraiser

End of Year Fundraiser

Friends, Family, and Community,

Jen-Mei and Loke here - we are excited to share a new project we’ve been cooking up the last six months - Power and Resilience Through Experiential Education (PaRTEE). In our journeys as social justice activists, we’ve realized how we and our Queer, Trans, Women, Femme, and People of Color communities are collectively reliant on systems, structures, and people who 1) we are not aware that we are reliant on in the first place and 2) are undereducated in working with our communities. It’s clear that our communities are underrepresented in important skills that support self-determination, and our goal is to be a resource in service of our autonomy.

We have been working hard to build free workshops and tools that empower our communities to become skilled in:

  • Situations with little or no infrastructure, such as emergencies, the wilderness, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs
  • Security and privacy, including operational security and digital security
  • Building digital advocacy tools such as data visualizations, podcasts and video

The increase in devastating fires across California in the last few years and PG&E’s recent Public Safety Power Shutoffs point at the urgent need for these resources now. Please consider donating through Flipcause (e.g. click the big button below!)!

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We are fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund so their name will appear in donation receipts. For large gifts (over $500), please see our donations page for details on how you can send us a check.

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You can also register for our next event: Skills for Zero Infrastructure: An Intro to Tactics & Ham Radio Demo. We look forward to PaRTEEing and JHamming with you.

With gratitude and excitement,

Jen-Mei and Loke