We've been busy surviving COVID-19, moving to multiple places, and organizing and protesting for Black lives and for abolition, and generally trying to deal with everything that 2020 has thrown at us (dry lightning storms and devastating fires in August? A SCOTUS conservative super majority? You sure want us to remember you, 2020). But we're back! And we want to share with you a few things we're doing to prepare for the next major emergency.

Many people we know are preparing for a wave of white supremacist violence after the election. It's not guaranteed, but given the things they've done recently, it's good to be prepared.

Toward that end, we're supporting folks who want to get their amateur radio licenses before the election by hosting a ham cram-style study session on Monday, Nov. 2 (eve of the election!) and offering digital security consultation and a workshop (also see our note about being careful with what you share on encrypted services since encryption won't last forever).